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Full-Time #VanLife Electrical

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Do you want to blow dry your hair after waking up on the shores of Lake Tahoe? Or would you like to enjoy chicken tenders after a long day of working because you’re too lazy to cook something real? 

Most van builds get away with one solar panel on the roof and a cheap battery from WalMart. Notice how they also have a big ice chest and a foot pump? This setup works for a night or two; it’s fine for DIY, weekend warriors. 

Planning to spend more than a few nights in your van? Don’t want to muck around with propane in your rig? Invest in your electric system early. You can refridgerate, cook, work, relax, warm and entertain yourself with an upgraded system.

The deluxe package includes top-of-the-line parts and installation on your empty van. Core to the system are at least 2x 100aH Lithium Batteries by BattleBorn, 400 watts of solar, and a 2000 watt inverter. What does this mean?

A standard dorm-style fridge uses ~20aH overnight; this is enough to dessimate a standard leisure battery. With 200aH of lithium, you can run your fridge off-grid *indefinitely*. The DC-to-DC charger turns your engine into a generator that charges while you drive. If you want to stay put, the solar on the roof charges passively. (Note: seasoned boondockers HATE gennies; don’t be that neighbor that runs the gennie).