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RV Gear & Services

I’m often asked about related gear and services when discussing electrical needs. Induction cooktops, USB plugs, and unlimited internet come up often. I use and/or recommend all of the items below.

AT&T Unlimited Data 4G LTE Plan* $35 a month*For Hotspots / Tablets/ Phones

Link: eBay

I’ve been using this plan for about 2 years now, it’s been great. AT&T’s network is far less congested than Verizon’s and I have no plans to ever go back to Verizon. Note: This plan is domestic only, so if you’re venturing into Canada or Mexico, you’ll need an alternate option for those locations.

Induction Cooktop

Link: Amazon

I have two of these induction cooktop units. I like them because they’re easy to clean and easy to store.

USB Charging Station

Link: Amazon

I have two of these in my rig and use them every day. Having 4 USB outlets is great, and they are hard-wired direct to 12v so there’s no need to leave the inverter on.