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Fuses & Circuit Breakers

Necessary parts of any electrical installation.

ANL Fuses

Simple fuses that can protect against catastrophe. These include the fuse and the fuse holder. Available in a variety of sizes on Amazon.

DC Circuit Breakers

If you know you’re going to need the ability to turn off a subsystem or you find you’re going through fuses, a circuit breaker is a better choice than a fuse. Available in a variety of sizes on Amazon.

Fuse Block

If you’re doing a from-scratch installation, these fuse blocks are a wonderful way to protect and distribute power to a variety of accessories. Water pumps, lights, fridges, etc. should all be fused, and this makes it easy. On Amazon.

Multi-Pack of Fuses

Get a variety of fuses to go with your new fuse block (it doesn’t come with any). This will cover the installation needs of most builds. On Amazon.

Battery Disconnect Switch

If you’ll be putting your RV in storage for long periods, having a battery disconnect switch is a really handy way to make sure the entire system is OFF. Available on Amazon.