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Solar Panel Mounts, Wire, Connectors

All the accessories needed for a proper solar installation.

Z Bracket Mounts

On rubber roofs, which many RVs have, this is pretty much your only option. Make sure to grab some Dicor to go with it, and be liberal in its application. Get them on Amazon.

Drill-Free Corner Bracket Mounts

If you’re working on a metal or fiberglass roof, you don’t have to screw into it for every solar panel mount! Using these mounts (on Amazon) plus some VHB tape you can mount your solar panels without worry about roof leaks.

Solar Wire (Bare wire)

100′ of 10-gauge paired solar wire. Easy to run, UV-resistant, pairs of stranded wire. Perfect for solar installs. Available on eBay.

Solar Wire (with MC4 connectors on one end)

These come with MC-4 connectors already attached and are ready to go straight into a solar charge controller. Available on Amazon.

MC4 Inline Fuse

Easy way to fuse a solar panel (or panels) when using MC4 connectors. Available on Amazon.

Solar Gland

If you need to drill through your roof to run the wires, protect the wires and your roof with a solar Gland. On Amazon.

Branch Connectors

Most solar installations in RV should be run in parallel. These branch connectors make it really easy to do that. Available in 2, 3, and 4 panel configurations on Amazon.

MC 4 Connectors

The standard way to connect solar panel cabling (when you need a durable connection that can withstand the elements) is MC 4 connectors. Get a bunch on Amazon.

Raw wire, ring terminals, and heat shrink

All the bits and pieces needed to make electrical connections, grouped by wire thickness and length. This Amazon seller has put things together nicely.

If you’re looking for just bare wire, this Amazon seller has great prices.

Weatherproof SAE Port

If you’re planning on adding deployable panels, having a standard connector like this on the outside of your rig is really handy. Available on Amazon. Best paired with a SAE to MC4 adapter and a SAE extension cord.