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Lithium Drop-In Replacement BMS Protections

Each company that provides a Lithium Drop-In 12v replacement battery includes some kind of BMS that helps to protect the battery. There’s a lot of variation in BMS’s and their functionality, and it’s important to know how it does or does not protect you, and what limits it places on the battery and your usage of it. Some companies have great data sheets and clear information, others do not and are more vague. The table below shows the results of my research to help you make the best buying decision that is right for you.

Brand Low Temp High Temp Low Voltage High Voltage Balancer Current
Ruixu (1) (1) (2)
Lion (3) (3) (3) (3) (3)
Renogy (4)
  1. Ruixu’s BMS appears to cut off the battery at -40° C and +65° C. These temperatures are far too wide for LiFeP04 cells and are therefore not providing protection.
  2. Ruixu’s BMS cuts off current at 550 amps (does not specifiy charge or discharge). This is at 5.5 C, which is far beyond what LiFeP04 cells can handle.
  3. Lion’s customer support email was not specific about exact cutoff temperatures, voltages, or current limits.
  4. Renogy’s email response regarding questions about their BMS was vague on the precise details of temperatures.

Based on the data above, BattleBorn is a clear winner in protecting your expensive investment. If you don’t need temperature protection and will be applying reasonable current limits to your batteries, Ruixu is a great choice for saving some cash.