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Getting Started

Step 1 – Initial Discussion

First step is to reach out to me and have an initial discussion so we can verify that AFE Solutions will work for you. If you’re in Alaska and I’m in Arizona, that might not work. But, I might be in Alaska later in the year, so don’t be afraid to reach out! From there we’ll schedule some time to meet up and inspect exactly what’s going on and design a solution.

Step 2 – Quote & Project or Hourly Pricing

After our initial discussion and inspection, I’ll provide a quote and a suggestion of whether we use Project-based pricing or Hourly Pricing.

With a project-based quote, the labor charges are capped at my quoted estimate, assuming no major unexpected hurdles. Project-Based Quotes are my preferred option, especially for larger projects since it keeps your costs at an expected level and lets us have more fun working on your project instead of watching the clock all the time!

Hourly pricing makes the most sense for design-only projects or for quick fixes. You can use as little or as much time as you need to accomplish what you’re looking for.

Parts & Materials

If you already have all the parts and pieces you want to use in your new system, great! Easy for us to get started, no waiting on parts.

If you do not have your necessary components, no problem. We’ll work together to figure out what best works for you and draw up a list of materials needed. If you want me to take care of ordering everything, then I’ll need a deposit up-front to cover the cost of those items. Or if you prefer, you’re welcome to order them on your own.

Step 3 – Logistics & Scheduling

In most cases we can get started on your project right away, assuming we’re both in the same location. As mentioned on the about page, I’m somewhere in the desert southwest in the winter months where most RVers flock to, so I’ll be somewhere nearby.

In the event there is a significant distance between us and you’d prefer to have me come to your location, I charge $1/mile for transportation costs plus any lodging or camping fees incurred.

Step 4 – Work!

Now that we’ve quoted the work, received the parts and materials and worked out the logistics, let’s get to work! This is the fun part. You’re welcome to be as involved or uninvolved as you want. Most RVers I’ve met are very interested in what’s going on and how things work. I’m happy to help show you every part of the system and all its details so you have a thorough understanding of everything going on.

Step 5 – Payment

Payment is due upon project completion. For quotes that involve purchasing equipment, payment for equipment is required before beginning the project.

AFE Solutions accepts cash, check, PayPal, Zelle, Venmo and all major credit cards.

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