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AFE Solutions - Custom Electric for Awesome Rigs!
Is your RV battery about to fall off a cliff? Need some help?

Do you want to go off-the-grid? Go boondocking? Are you worried about not being plugged in, or you’re finding that you’re running your generator a lot? Are your RV’s batteries not providing the performance you’d like or expect? Maybe you’d like to run a residential fridge but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have a CPAP or other device you’d like to run all night? Or perhaps the latest air fryers, induction cooktops, and big screen TVs are calling to you and your current system just can’t quite handle it.

Are you curious about solar panels, lithium batteries, and hybrid inverters? Wondering how everything gets connected? Are you the handy type that wants to get your hands dirty with all the details of possible upgrades, or do you really not know where to start and need an experienced expert that can walk you through it all and help guide you to an awesome, solar-powered, off-grid dream rig?

AFE Solutions can help as much or as little as needed. Let’s work together to figure out your needs and wants, then design a solution specifically for you.