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Michael works on a variety of RV-related systems, most are somehow related to electricity.

Solar Design & Install

Solar is amazing. It changes everything about how you live in your RV. There’s no such thing as too much solar, either.

Whether you’re looking for a small solution to help extend your weekend trips a bit, or a full-fledged mega-panel solution for power-hungry full timers (like myself), solar panels are a great way to start.

Lithium Batteries

Woo hoo! Lithium!!!

If you had any idea how wonderful lithium batteries are, you’d be excited too! These gems are what batteries should have been all along.

  • No need to “top off” every day
  • 2,000 to 5,000+ life cycles depending on brand and conditions
  • Nearly impossible to use incorrectly or damage
  • Accepts a much faster rate of charge
  • Much Lighter
  • No maintenance

There are various brands that make good, reliable lithium batteries complete with BMS’s now. Or if you’re adventurous, we can build out a custom lithium solution using raw cells, or even used Tesla battery packs for a huge reserve capacity at a fraction of the cost of even regular lithium systems! Check out the full battery writeup.

Inverters & Chargers

The un-sung heroes of power systems, these convert power from one voltage and type to another. Not really exciting, but absolutely necessary. OK, they’re exciting for me, but I’m weird that way!

Check out the full writeup on inverters too.

Residential Fridge

There’s a reason people in sticks’n’bricks lives don’t have propane fridges! A residential fridge is better in so many ways:

  • You don’t have to be level
  • You don’t have an open flame
  • You can set your temperature and forget it
  • Doesn’t matter if you park with the fridge side towards the sun
  • No propane lines that can leak
  • Much less expensive if/when it needs to be replaced

Residential fridges do require that you have your inverter on all the time, and they take a lot more electricity than a propane fridge. Once you have a decent electrical system in your rig though, they’re wonderful, and it’s why I have 3 in my rig. (Two mini fridges and a separate deep freezer.)

Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters can sip diesel from a vehicle’s fuel tank to provide a generous amount of heat. They also use very little 12v power, and they’re quieter than typical RV furnaces. They can also be a great alternative heat source for anyone that does not have propane in their system, like me. I added a diesel heater recently by mounting a 5-gallon jerry can to my trailer and running the lines. It’s great! I’m thoroughly looking forward to cheap, low-energy heating this winter.

Cell Phone Boosters

If you boondock frequently and are at the edge of cell-phone reception areas, a booster can be really helpful.

Boosters help when there technically is cell phone signal available, it’s just very weak. They can’t provide signal where there isn’t any to boost.

Boosters won’t help when:

  • Signal strength is already strong
  • The tower is overloaded with too many users

Boosters will help when:

  • Signal strength is very weak (far away from the tower)
  • You’re living in a Faraday Cage (a metal box)
  • Objects are blocking your path to the tower and putting an antenna up higher provides a better line of sight

Design / Consult / Custom Work

Do you need help figuring out what how to design your system? Not sure of the best products to use, or how they work, or even what’s needed? Or maybe your current rig is having a strange issue, and you need help diagnosing the issue? If you’re the handy type and are only looking for a consultation or some design work, I’m happy to help.