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Deluxe Package Information

What’s included

  • Parts (see details below)
  • Labor (see details below)



  • Core System:
    • (2) BattleBorn 100ah Lithium Batteries [customizable]
    • (2) BusBars
    • 12v Fuse Block
    • 2/0 AWG Wire
    • 4 AWG Wire
    • 10 AWG Wire
    • 18 AWG Wire
    • Battery Shutoff Switch
    • Victron Battery Monitor
    • ANL Fuse Holder & Fuse
  • Solar
    • (2) 200-watt mono solar panels [customizable]
    • Solar Shutoff Switch
    • Victron Solar Charge Controller (MPPT)
    • Solar Double Cable Entry Gland
    • 10 AWG Solar Wire
  • Inverter / Alternating Current
    • 2,000 watt pure-sine inverter [customizable]
    • Remote on/off switch
    • Leviton 515PV 15 Amp, 125 Volt, Grounding Plug, Yellow
    • Romex Wire
    • Circuit Breaker Box
  • Alternator Charging
    • 20-amp DC-DC Charger [customizable]
    • ANL Fuse Holder & Fuse
  • Shore Power
    • Shore Power Charger [customizable]
    • Shore Power Plug Inlet
  • Hardware
    • Plywood box
    • (1) Pair Roof Rack Rails
    • Wire Loom
    • Dicor
    • Shop Supplies / Misc

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  • Simple roof rack installation utilizing built-in roof rack mounting points
  • Construction of an electrical box that will hold all major components
  • Electrical box is secured to the floor of your van in a location of your choosing
  • “Rough” wiring will be installed in your van for all electrical locations of your choosing
  • A shore power input plug can be cut and installed in a location of your choosing
  • All systems will be tested before final delivery is made

Your requirements

  • Your van must be delivered to Tyler, TX
  • Your van must be empty.  
    • Partially or completed converted vans increase the difficulty of the installation and will result in a higher total price beyond the package cost.  Timeline for final delivery will be delayed as well.

Getting your van to Tyler, TX

  • Multiple options are available
    • Drive it on over!
    • has multiple options
    • I can personally transport your van for $3/loaded mile
  • You will not be able to stay in your empty cargo van while it is being worked on.  If you choose to travel with your vehicle, you will need to make other arrangements for lodging during your stay.

What’s not included

  • Any and all upgrades or customization requests beyond what has been described here

What to expect after ordering

  • I will contact you via the phone number provided on the order form to confirm the order and arrange scheduling
  • Installs are scheduled at least two weeks out to allow time for delivery of parts
  • I will order all of the parts and have them shipped to my location
  • Installs typically take around 3 days, however in the event of damaged parts, customizations, or other delays, total installation time can be a week or more

After Installation

  • A custom manual will be printed detailing your installation and how everything works
  • If you are available to be on-site, a thorough walk-through will be provided